If you look around, especially if you’ve looked online, at the prospect of doing passion-driven work you’ve probably noticed a positive thing. Many people are doing it and just as many offering information on just how to do it. You can start either start-up on your own or join an existing business. This is a positive trend. Fewer and fewer people are surrendering their youth, their time and energy to an unfulfilling job and more and more are transitioning to work more in line with their passions. Because of this growing movement of people looking to make the shift to passion-driven work, I thought it beneficial to provide few pointers to enhance your selection process.

Pick something that utilizes your strengths.

It is much more efficient and easier to choose a new pathway that enables us to apply our strengths than it is to pick something that requires us to fix our weaknesses. As we live and learn, we get a pretty good idea of what we do well and what we don’t do well.

Some of us are naturally great leaders, and some of us make great teammates. Some of us are quite creative, while others are more logic and detail oriented. Some are better doing hours of research and other love to be in front of people. No matter what qualities you possess, innovate and show passion in everything you will be doing and success will be routine. We are all different so embrace your unique combination of strengths. What are yours?

Think about your transferable skills.

As much fun as it is to learn new skills, don’t forget that whatever you’ve been doing up until now has helped you acquire and refine individual abilities. Don’t be too hasty to chuck them by the wayside. Often there are certain aspects of our work that we enjoy so see if there a way to apply what you’re good and what you enjoy to this new endeavor.

Know your role.

It always helps to know how to position yourself. Some people are natural leaders or have more discipline and direction while others may be better teammates and excel in support roles. Examine whether you want to go and start your own business from scratch or if maybe you’d just like a change of pace and would like to work with someone who is doing what you’re looking to do. Following your passion doesn’t always mean striking out on your own. There are a lot of unique people doing a lot of great work, and they all need support. What is the role you’d like to play?

How do you currently spend your time?

Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be spending quite a bit of time devoted to this new project. Think about the way you spend your time now and how you would be spending your time in your new line of work. For example, if you currently work a good number of hours outside, you may quickly tire of spending time at the computer researching and writing for, promoting and updating a blog. This is not to say that a change of scenery or pace is always negative. Just think about it before hand.

Also, consider the topic of choice for this new work. Let’s say for argument’s sake that you’ve suffered a tragic event, and you decide you want to help people who have gone through the same or a similar tragedy. As great as that is, just consider the fact that you will now be spending quite a bit of time surrounded by these unfortunate experiences and that you may be forced to relive your own over and over. Again, my goal is not to paint a negative picture, but to just point out that there are certainly some important things to consider ahead of time when making a life change. What activities to you want to consume your time?

Listen to your heart, your gut, and your mind.

These are powerful signals. If you start feeling excited about something and can’t wait to start, you may be on to something. If you take a lot of time trying to talk yourself into something, take some more time to consider your options. Don’t rush this process, let it develop for you organically. Now that you’re thinking about your passion, your heart and mind are open and new ideas will begin to come to you. Just give it time

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