One cannot be successful in startups without having confidence. Everyone in this world has a unique personality. Some people are extroverts and can communicate easily. While others always think twice about expressing themselves. Let’s look at some tips which will teach you how to be confident in your daily lives.

Acknowledge your Achievements: You may have a personality that is passive in nature but you must know the need for confidence in your words/actions. Confidence will increase your attractiveness, build respect and make you heard as a person. Everyone has taken great decisions in startup life, achieved something and made others happy. Remember the moments where you felt that you have seized the occasion as an individual or as a team and made the most out of it. Note down these moments and feel happy about it.

Analyze your Strengths: Understand the unique personality traits you have. Go in detail and note down your strengths and weakness on a piece of paper. Remember all the positive compliments that you have received so far and introspect as to why people have appreciated you. Ponder the opportunities you have for improvement and occasions where you can put them to use. Every small contribution you have made to a project or a person’s life can be regarded as your unique achievement. Don’t live in the past. Think about it from time to time. Train yourselves.

Prioritize your Goals: When you start on a journey to reach a place or learn a particular subject, your success depends on how good your plan is. Start by listing out what exactly you want to do and by when. Give proper timelines to your specific goals so that they are easily measurable. Start by dividing the task at hand, mentioning the task step-wise. Go ahead and do the simplest task first and see how you can handle it. Record your observations and make changes accordingly.

Build your kwan: You need to have a positive self-image about yourself before you can convince others of anything. Picture yourself in a position of power and authority. Groom yourself mentally. It goes a long way in creating the right mental image in your mind. Think about how another person would look at you and what they would feel. Take those qualities and kill your negative thoughts about them. Now you will feel more respect and admiration for yourself. Learn how to be confident from others also, discuss with about their struggles and success with confidence.

Enjoy your company: Be happy in your company. If you can be cheerful when you are alone, then you will be able to be the same in a crowd as well. Start exploring your talents and bring them out. Try out singing, acting, martial arts and comedy. These can be done to get self-satisfaction as well as impress somebody else. Stare yourself in the mirror and practice public speaking. Once you can anchor yourself in a conversation, your confidence will skyrocket automatically.

Start taking Initiative: Be the first on to provide a solution. Be the first one to embrace failure. Start trying out different ways to address a problem and share your thoughts with your peers. Go out and help people by either donating your time or money. Don’t let anyone dominate you in a conversation or activity. Always be responsive to change. Always be thankful for every small favor you have received and remember to thank them in front of others. Taking initiatives will build your confidence dramatically.

Maintain Positive Outlook: Whatever happens to you, always be sure of yourself and keep a positive outlook to life. Your confidence will increase with the number of your achievements and consistent focus on the positive aspects of life. So it is imperative that you keep gaining knowledge and at the same time ignore negative influences around you. Commit yourself to success at every step of life and dare to take risks without fear or inhibition. Confidence is something that may not come naturally to a person, but that does not mean you can start to be over-confident about yourselves over time. What goes up, comes down. The more faster the growth, the more harder it is to sustain. Life is more than about arriving at your destination. Don’t find your comfort-zone. Keep moving forward.

With confidence, you will be able to take success and failure with the same enthusiasm. Learning how to be confident takes daily dedication. If you are serious about becoming more confident, make this commitment. These are just a few lines I penned down for myself. I am hoping you are in a position to teach others how to be confident in life as well?

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Thanks for reading! And, don’t give up!