Today’s event had back-to-back 50 pitches, and the ideas were so many my hand aches as I write… But, PAIN is GOOD! Here’s the pitches..

  • LANDROVER by Muthu — A 1st year grad — . Conventional potholes are 30 cm 4 layer and the damages usually happen in top 10 cm. The solution proposed was to FILL THE ROADS. |||r FixMyStreet.com

  • TRUSTCARE by Suresh Rangarajan — 18 years Exp — Came up with the “distributed” cab aggregation network idea, wherein the proposed platform will help cab drivers be self-sufficient on their profit sharing at a margin of 1 Re per ride. Looking for UI. Blockchain experts.

  • BUDDYLIFT by SriCharan — Instant Ride Share — Similar to BlaBlah Cars Model, except for short distances. Not the conventional model of car-pooling, but a cluster based on the similar interest. Advantage: Fuel Saving

  • SMILEMA by Sanjay — Maternity — Mother & Hospital Experts — Looking for Machine Learning & Deep learning skillsets.

  • PITSHOP by Sabarish — Interconnecting Mechanics. Other than this, will also sell Helments, Goodies via the E-commerce platform.

  • WASTE-TO-WEALTH by Vijay Prabhu — Spot him with his unique handle bar mustache — IIT Grad working in AMZN. As a frequent mover, he always finds it hard to sell-off his household items. Clean-tech space with his removals idea. Competitors: Paperman, Kuppaitotti et all.

  • ECOMAKERS by Nizar Ahmed — Can bamboos solve the pollution problem? Perhaps yes. Talk with him, perhaps ECOMAKERS can help. SideNote: [Ext. ref. found this link interesting!]

  • CARRYSMART by Sharath — Hostlers carry a lot of luggage. The idea is to place integrated chip in the luggage & play TAG with phone + baggage.

  • JACKSTECK by Karthikeyan — His company is in Telecom biz. The idea is to provide Analytics on a per call-basis for Mobile phone plans. Dynamic Traiff Plan for Mobiles will make a transparent choice for users.

  • LETSPLAY by Gautham Kumar — Building a gamified platform for people in their local community, locality who wants to play. SCRIBE by Kritika — Exams for visually challenged students sometimes are difficult — Why? Scribes can’t transcribe/articulate it properly. Why not use Assisted Tech using ML to solve this crisis?

  • STUDYMONK by Abishek — Full Stack Dev — A platform for students to collaborate on career choices, like joining a particular stream.

  • MOVIE CASTING related Idea by Ritvik — A detailed platform on direction, lectures, and lot of content related to educating people how to …

  • BIN-IS-YOUR-BRO by Vishnu Vardan — An unique design idea involving how to make best throw garbage our of the train compartments.

  • PETSTOP by Pratyush — An interesting pitch. 1 stop for all PET related solutions. Adopt a pet, pet salon, pet insurance,. lost/found pets. Tagline: PETCARE simplified.

  • FAIRFARE by Balaji — Taxi Aggregators — Meter bvased Surge Pricing — Subscription revenue policy. Female-to-Female drivers.

  • MICROTHEREATRES by Rakesh — Cinema is expensive. Why not setup small community theatres where people can watch cinema at a fraction of the cost? STEAM Movies, Cricket et all.

  • VINTAGESCOOP by Abina — Employment for Artisians — Ecofriendly Marketing — More interesting pitch on trying to make “Skill Go Waste”

  • HOTEL by VELU — When you place an order with restarurant, you have a lot of time waiting for the dish. Can we Trackorders + RealTime?

  • SHORTSCRO by Mohan — Social Platform for Projects. Social Media like Project Explorer where you can see the marketing for the product idea.

  • ORDER-IN-LIFE by Vishal — Day planner like Task.Do. Recommendation for Movies, Recomendation for long term goals. Interesting sales pitch.

  • IDEA by Charan — People get pissed off in restaurant waiting for food to arrive. So, is it wise to arrive at the restaurant with the delicious food waiting?

  • INSTAGIG by Sangamitra has a Finance background — Wants to empower women entrepreneurs helping them find work. Online Marketplace + GigEconomy. |||r startups/SHGs like KundumaShree exists in Kerala.

  • BATTERY-ON-DEMAND by Subash — Will provide car batteries on-demand to people who are out of batteries.

  • FITNESS Startup by SatyaNaryanan: Has a background in Physics — Startup trying to solve the EAT FIT model. Vegan, Paleo, Keto et all.

  • PROJECT GROOM — Online policy — Referral marketing. Affliates. And, trying to solve marketing problems for small and medium companies.

  • Idea by BhagyaSree — Pitch: 29.5% students who studied distance education. Is the degree in real life “worth”? UG + PG degress related idea

  • AUGUST Idea — Designing fashion for culturally conservative. Modest Fashion Brand — Cultured Values — Aesthetically Appealing. Good pitch.

  • AMAY with a Mech background addressees the water scarcity in Chennai — His team’s solution is to make water from ACs. Next Graviky, perhaps!

  • Ganesh — A cartographer, perhaps wants to create a huge dataset of Geo-spatial data for business analysis. Tag: Improve your city.

  • FOODFILTER by Preetham — Healthy good — Fresh Ingredients — On parllel lines of previous pitches + ReceipeKit. Most apps have a diet plan. Cook budget + Time saving idea.

  • IDEA by Venkat — 20 years experience on Finance — Finding the startups that dry-out of funding, and helping them connect with crowd-sourced loans (syndicate). The key takeaways are crowd-sourcing for small ticket size investments. Nice idea & amazing value prop. for small startups.

  • IDEA33 by Muthuraman — Predicitive sharemarkets. AI +Py + Marketing.

  • StockMarket Idea — Importance of stocks. Needed a little clarity.

  • Dissector by Dinesh — Drone based service provider. Pitch: 60% of resources are prone to cyclone. Drone based system goes around the affected areas and helps rescue management. Next level to Zipline!

  • IDEA by Anbarasan — Property Management for NRIs. An advocate by profession, he wanted to startup an idea to build a service for PM for NRIs.

  • FOODBOX idea by Joseph, who holds a degree in Mech. Pitch: There is a wide amount of food wastage in corporates. Food vending machines could help solve the problem.

  • Event Management Services by NityaKala. 3 stage software for Event Attendees, Organizers, Speakers. Offers options like connect, and speed dating-related activity building sessions..

  • STUDYBUDDY by Ravi has 12 years experience, and looking to build an interactive platform for Aug.Reailty. Pitch: Tech is leading to Isolation. Imagine if Newton teaches your kids Physics. Needs help with 3D dev.

    1. Vijay is a Youtuber — He wants to promote a service like Video-Making on-demand as a service model. SMM via Video. As video is the best content marketing channel ever.
    1. Prashant wants to solve a problem for board room CXOs. He is a ITES student who wants to simplify the interaction with computers. Moving slides via hand-gestures. Ps. There is already a TN based startup. Its called KAI : )
    1. Pranav — Pitched a problem: Farmers directly should reap the benefits without any middle men. His idea is building a farm-to-consumer platform.
    1. Shiva, a CA student by trade wanted to offer help to uild a solution to lower tax. Offline solutions also applicable.
    1. CardBug by Pranav — Spl card for B’days. Greeting card for friends. Sending customized cards to a friend.
    1. Sasidharan, Sales Marketer with prior experience in startups like SnackExperts offers his help to provide help. Ps. Not a startup IDEA!
  • 46.Can we make TAMIL language popular? A consultant offers his suggestions using tech to relive a forgotten language. Seeks experts competent in Flutter.

    1. Arun from ITIANZ Madurai wants to solve car-parking problem. How?
    1. Sibin with a BCA background wants to build a Medicare app, which reads un-understandable prescription. Ps. refer. #11.
    1. Vanga Maka idEA by Mara — Travel Agency? Ticketing solutions with help of Youth. Something similar to BikeTaxi, perhaps?
    1. Sam, (and his friend) wanted to provide insights to problems using AR. Idea is to place beacons in temple hotspots for tourists that tell what the location means to natives. Highlight : “Seri, Odi poo…. !”

That concludes the PITCHES done so far. Hope to see a lot of PIVOTS tomorrow. Good luck to all of them. And, best wishes.

Disclaimer. Incase I’d missed/misspelt anything, kindly DM. Thanks.

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