Mind is a leaking tap. One can control how much is lost in the process. Great athletes pump themselves up before a competition by visualizing themselves winning. Visualizing the ideal self is the only way. Think yourselves as the Elephant in the room. Block your negativity. Have the YES attitude. Mentally we lose our concentration a lot to smaller affairs. We lose focus to some degree. Lock your target. It requires a paradigm shift. Mentally prepare yourselves to engage in the activities which matter. Shun yourselves from participating in less functional tasks. Enjoy your work. Take a bite, a gulp. Constructive thoughts always makes us happy. We are all growing old with time. What we take to our graves is all we did for others. It could be what you did for your Nation, rather your family, and not necessarily in that order. Replace the notion of self-serving interests with simplistic and necessary thoughts. No idea is a bad idea. You only have the power to convince the world what stands the test of time. An idea never dies. Replace an old behavior w/ a new behavior. Just do it. All it matters is — YES!

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