How you make money in your business is the most important ethic. The hard part is sticking with the decision and your convictions. Making the products is one, but you need to sell them to make a living. It is an obvious thing, the business around the products kill the life in it. The real world has evolved as well — It is no longer selling you the get-rich quick stuff. Buyers are conned on their tastes and influences. And, corps sell you products/services today that capitalizes your laziness. That’s a shame of doing your passion as a business — death of protagonist.

People want an prerogative to tell them what choices they have in life, they badly need an authority to explain how to value their stuff. The same applies well for company valuations. Eventually they are the ones who choose this force, and they do it not based on facts, or results, but they choose it because its authoritative and so familiar. The last few years have been extremely hard for entrepreneurs, especially to grow and scale a startup even by a small factor.

We ask each time the same question each time we make a product/service — Would I buy this 5 years from today? Would even I buy my product? The concern is not about people’s way of being influenced by someone or something in making a choice, but it is more pronounced on how easily they are conned into such a system. At the end of day, don’t just gauge your product’s worth by its numbers. Make a small difference in someone’s life. And, you’ve solved half of the big problem.

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