The growing number of student suicides across the country is a "wake-up call". Are we educating the future right? Take a simple example of what recently hit the news. Situated in the remote outskirts of the city, an incident of sucide was reported in a college notoriously known for its unethical "fines" collected on pre-text of gender-discriminatory rules. On the day the student supposedly had died under mysterious circumstances, the management went on a "damage control" mode to save its name by clearing the hostel on pre-text of a bomb threat, and releasing a press-statement branding the blame on the "average studying" student who had committed suicide, and cooking up a faked death by "depression" story to appease the general public that the issue was obviously not theirs! Yes, that cleared the air. But, the ghosts of the students would still haunt. It is a effing shame that the very institution’s management is being blamed by its own students, its alumni, its ex-staffers for covering up the real issue. Sad! And, this seems not the first time such an incident has happened before in the institution’s history. Every year new students come in to such churning machines, with "average" hopes of landing in a good paying job in some corporates. This has been for almost 20+ years, and things never have changed. Rouge institutions, all run by political outfits have amassed so much wealth in time that the cost of education is traded as a commodity. A bachelor would have enrolled in one of these by "single-window system" or paying the management a hefty sum as "donation fee"! 20 years is a long time, but still if the system has not changed, we have change by making others look the reality. It is not surprising the only companies that recruit in campus placements are the IT/ITES corporates who have no ethics or integrity values, but hire the people like "sheeps". These chop-shops are worth junk in real assets. If only these companies had invested on their resources wisely they would have been leaner, innovative and creative. Like fodder is to pigs, "fresh" out of the college these sheeps move to gnaw on each other’s back in a career ladder to compete with each other, prove every appraisal over appraisal who’s better at gnawing other’s. No wonder the life of a HR in these companies are such a time waste. Hiring bulk and firing people in bulk is a shame! The Indian IT/ITES’s attitude towards students sucks big time! How do we expect a student who spent his 4 years learning nothing but mechanical engineering to learn code in 2 months, and deliver a project? Yes, the jobs are not only simple, but stupid and lowly-paid. When compared with the average dollars a person can earn in other part of the world, what an average tech coolie gets paid in the IT/ITES that has flourished by training the pigs, trained by pigs, who in turn were trained by sheeps, is so fractionally small. Countless people have blogged the same! Corporates exploit students. Institutions exploit students. For decades, this anarchy and growing greed had pooled the wallets of these corporates, leaving behind a student a jack-of-all-trades. Not surprised when the recession hits, the first and foremost who are going to be on the back burners for the 'pink-slips' would be these half-bakes! Every eight years as the recession hits, IT/ITES with their surplus assets and liquid cash, make no efforts to waste time by declaring losses on their balance-sheets. Cost cutting! Down sizing! All seem to be quite normal for anyone today. Each time as I see students rampaging their play-pens, one can’t stop thinking how unruly and dumb they are to surrender to such institutions in the first place!

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