Videos are the most effective way you can communicate With your fans. It has never been more affordable for a brand to create great video content. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch all offer video features as part of their network. You can create content on your cell phone at first and use formats like vlogs that allow for quick and meaningful engagement with your audience.

How to Use

Whenever you load up a social media page, you see a video. Videos are served to us as ads, entertainment, and everything in between. why is this happening? It turns out that video marketing has become one of the most valuable forms of digital promotion for businesses around the world. You can use video to reach more people than ever before with your brand. Anybody can get good at this with some practice. This article vvill show you how to improve the impact of your video marketing campaigns.

Why Video?

There is a proliferation of affordable media channels where you can upload video content. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are three examples of huge networks where users post videos Beyond the most obvious platforms, you’ve also got Twitch, Twitter, Snapchat, and Vimeo. All of these platforms have millions of viewers waiting for new content. Videos may seem optional when text and photos are options However, even if you are already posting other content on these platforms, video has best chance to go viral. Videos increase your odds of reaching new fans way more than with other content

Is Video Marketing Expensive?

Videos can be as expensive or as affordable as your brand makes them. For a large company that wants to do a major advertising campaign on national television, the costs. All be huge. You can spend millions of dollars on filming, hiring a media planner, the cost of ad time, and other overhead. On the other hand, many small brands do video content entirely through the cameras on their phones.

With TV and print mediums losing relevance and social media continuing to grow in Its prevalence, you need to make a decision. Will you use social media to market your business? For most people it is a no-brainer to do it. However, not every single business needs a social media page. This article will help you decide if it is right for you.

Did you know people are spending three times longer watching live social videos than traditional ones?


Live streaming video apps such as Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and Periscope are creating massive engagement on social media. Studies prove that followers have a preference for live video because of the authenticity and transparency it brings to your content. Give your audience more of what they want through live-streaming video. in this guide, we share five ways to use live video in your social media marketing and provide additional tips to get better with each broadcast to boost attendance and engagement.

Live-streaming videos are generating massive engagement on social media. Facebook Live, Periscope, and Instagram stories are allowing users to invite followers into their world in real-time to foster relationships, boost brand awareness, and showcase their expertise live video builds your brand fast. in a technology age where digital Interactions are becoming the none, leveraging live social videos brings authenticity and transparency to your content, thus, building trust. With consistency, you’ll find more people attending your live video, giving you more opportunities to highlight your brand and generate results.

Every business should be implementing thistactic in their social strategy. In this guld e are five successful ways to Lidng live videos in your social media marketing and how to achieve the best results with this favored technique.

Host Live Q&A Sessions

As stated, live videos allow you to hone relationshipsvvith your followers and build trust. Giving your audience the opportunity to ask questions live humanizes your brand and makes you incredibly relatable. It brings a face to your brand name, helping you create genuine connections as participantsengage In your vl deo and receive Immediate responses.

Host regular Q&A sessions with your market to gain valuable insights and concems. Address each question but document them as well. Hearing directly from your customers gives you priceless content topic ideas you can use for future videos, blog, or social media content.

Report Breaking or Trending News

A huge advantage to live social videos Is the ability to report breaking news on-the-spot. whether industry-related or trending news,you’ll keep your audience abreast of current happenings, positioning you as a reliable source. Your content will remain fresh, relevant, and engaging. when breaking news hit, take out your mobile device and go live. Share the story or event but also give your opinion to personalize your content. Ask your viewers what they think by encouraging them to respond In the comments.

Give Expert Advice

At the heart of inbound marketing is sharing content that educates, informs, and solves problems.

Take Viewers Behind-the-Scenes

Backstage footage is special and unique as it only gives limited entrance. Events that were once closed off to the public are now easily accessible through live video. Viewers feel a part of your brand and culture when you Invite them into the innermost functions and positions of your business. They also feel as if they’re at your event, strengthening relationships and loyalty. Enhance your social media marketing by granting followers exclusive access to your work culture, live event, or meeting with live video.

You’ll learn about why Facebook Is still growing in size and importance, about the implications of YouTube now reaching more people than any cable network, and much more. There are many different ways that your brand can utilize social media marketing. How are you supposed to know what will work best for you? You should look at social media trends and use them to market your brand. The best strategy Is often to try and position yourself with the kind of content that will become popular over the next 6–12 months.

YouTube reaches more people than any cable network Television has been the reigning champ of advertising wound the world for many decades. However, the rise of YouTube has challenged its supremacy. YouTube is free for content creators and viewers al ike, offering a high-quality on-demand viewing experience. It’s going to be hard for TV to compete as YouTube matures. Expect more and more viewership to shift to online-only video content In the next 3–5 years (2) Facebook earned about 2/3rd s of all social media ad revenue in 2016. Social media is a huge industry which generates a ton of money. Yet Facebook enjoys a majority of these profits for itself. People used to discuss the idea that Facebook could “go the way of Myspace” and became obsolete.

Why Live Videos

Did you know after watching a product video, 64% of viewers are likely to purchase that product online? Product videos we huge assets to your content marketing because it shows your product in action. People truly glean the benefits, features, and how your product will help solve their problem. Having a video for each of your products are timeless content pieces that can serve you for years. Use live video to perform a product demonstration. Show prospects in real-time how your product works. Towards the end of your show, give a strong call-to-action telling answers where they can purchase your product. Include the link in your comments or profile so users can easily click and be directed to your page.

Is Social Media Marketing a Good Idea for Your Business?

Most businesses will benefit from social media marketing. After all, these platforms are still growing in popularity with Facebook alone claiming over one billion active daily users In 2017. If you need help deciding how to apply social media marketing to your business,look no further. Social media has gone from a teenage obsession to a worldwide phenomenon in less than ten years. Now Facebook, YouTube, and many other platforms threaten to steal the lion’s share of traffic from traditional media channels.

Above all else, social media matters because that’s what people pay attention to. Facebook has more than one billion active daily users That means you can by to reach more than 0% of the world’s population on their platform.

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