… In this day and age of technological advancement, people can make money in many different ways. In fact many people are now seemingly making more money while they are asleep literary. In that case, some of the most searched keywords in the web today are “how to make money while asleep”. If one can make money while they are asleep it makes it is easy for them to conduct and run their day to day business easily and with little stress. This day and age it is not easy to make money on the side as much as it is important to have a side hustle especially one that doesn’t require the full attention of the person to make sure that it is successful.

Start A Blog

One of the most popular ways people are using to make money on the side in this day and age of technology is by launching a blog. It doesn’t take a lot of time to set up a blog and it is cheap in this ever evolving world. One only needs to purchase a domain name and pay for hosting and they are set to go. After setting up the blog, the only thing that is left is the creation of exceptional, amazing and interesting content for the visitors of the blog to read and share. One must also identify the targeted audience so as to enable them to share the information on the blog and get the most number of hits on the blog as possible. After the creation of such content, now it is time to monetize the blog using various methods such as affiliate marketing as well as analytics for a person who is sure of getting a great number of visitors on blog.

Selling Online

Selling of pre-written code/script is fast becoming a great way of people making money nowadays. This is because the coder has full autonomy of how they want the article to be written and they don’t work with a deadline therefore, giving them ample time to create the best content. The pre-written codes / scripts are afterwards posted online on the various sites that sale the articles and the writer waits for the site to market the article to the buyers.


Let’s assume that a person is specialist in a certain area or is more knowledgeable in certain area, they may sell their expertise to the various people who may need it. This can be done by putting the information down on eBooks and selling them online and also offline. The best way that most people have found in selling their eBooks has been by posting them on their own blogs or on other people’s blogs if they don’t have one. The other way that one can sell the information is by creating videos and selling them. This may take a while to grasp as it may take a lot of work in the creation of the product and in marketing it to the world as in anything these days there are a lot of people who are marketing their own product. As such, one must make sure that their product stands out than the competition.

Invest In Time

One of the old ways that people used to make money on the side was by investing in the stock market. This side hustle is one that requires the person investing to be careful and invest smartly as they may lose a lot if they invest in the wrong stock. But, if one invests wisely they will enjoy success and make more money doing nothing than when working in their day to day job. Invest in yourselves. Invest some time self-learning.

The world today most people who have day job can rarely survive on their basic salaries and end up in a lot of debt. Making money on the side is one of the ideas that have helped a number of families’ balance their finances well and help them have enough money for their needs as well as pleasure. Good luck. For more finance related stories, read ArthaMoney, a blog curated with the finest ways to help you plan your financial banking.

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