.. Every business purpose and target no matter big or small is to sell their products or services in order to meet specific revenue goals. However, not only once business owners find themselves do not meet revenue target and projections of the business.

If you have experienced this, it’s probably because of various different reasons. In this article, you will read an insight about why you are not selling stuff. The list below will brief you about 6 reasons why your sales fail.

Afraid of rejection

Entrepreneurs often have a fear of having a ‘no’ or ‘uninterested’ as a respond to their product. Many business owners are afraid of people that will judge them badly for just trying to sell their product or services. So they just sit there and don’t make an attempt to sell at all because of the fear of how people will think. You are not allowed to let fear making you stop selling your products or services. You need to develop a right attitude to deal with rejection. No is not always negative. When you get a no, it usually means you need to improve and understand your client more. This is one of the reasons your sales fail.

Poor mindset

Negative thinking is the biggest enemy you can have and the reasons why your sales fail. If you believe that you are not going to sell anything, it will be true; you are not selling a thing. Having a positive mindset is crucial. It is the best way to cure anxiety and fear. You have to believe in yourself and the product or service you offer. You can sell them, it’s very easy.

Failure to qualify prospects

You should know whether a prospect is good for your business or not, you need to select them carefully. You don’t need to waste your time talking and selling your products to the people that will not be your customer if you successfully qualify them. Qualifying your prospects will make your products have a better chance of being sold to the customer. Selling something that customer need is a good way to do sales. People will likely to buy what they really need.

Ineffective advertising method Another reason is ineffective advertising method. Many business owners try to sell their products or services by just talking about the features they have rather than informing the benefits to the potential buyer. You should communicate a brief summary of your product or service, how it will solve the problem, and other extra benefits.

Fail to master the direct communication

Communication is the reason of successful sales. Sales are just having conversations directly with the right people who are interested in what your business has. If you master the sales conversation, you can even turn a simple conversation into a deal. The art of turning conversations into a sale is not easy. You need to listen and respond to buyers carefully and most of the times, people don’t want to buy your product at the beginning. Your job is to listen to their respond and carefully provide value to your product and communicate to them smoothly.

… This apart, there are and will be, various reasons why you are not selling as much as you think. However, identifying those five reasons before its too late why your sales fail may help you addressing your problem. I like to write about sales, and entrepreneurship. I am not a marketing guru, an expert salesman or startup advisory. I am simply sharing my life’s experiences and hope this helps someone in the 99% who is struggling to crack the 9% cap. And, I wrote a small piece about sales, and here’s a suggested reading as well. If you want to master the sales world, work on these areas and you will stand out among others. Keep working and let the cogs run.

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