Technology is always evolving and advancing the world’s economy.

Predicting future development is important for anyone who wants to make good Investments, I grow a business in the long term perspective. In 10 years many Industries will have evolved, a lot of changes would have taken in the field of computing. New industries village and become part of the huge global economy. There are already big losers to which Industries will dominate the next decade. In our opinion here are few Industries that would be the most revolutionary of all.,

Data Analytics

Data is another digital product which is produced in huge quantities. Data is available on almost every aspect of the People’s lives. The phone strike the moments, the bank card strike the purchases, every ISP tracks Internet history, every at publisher tracks remarketing cookies.

3D Printing

3D printing is already quite popular in the manufacturing sector, and it has begun its for in the home market segment, like all new technologies home 3D printing devices are expected to dramatically fall in cost over time. Within the next 10 years many homes will have a 3D printer. This will have issues directions for manufacturing business blueprint for 3D printing products online. Some do predict huge 3D printers could be setup to produce cheap copies of objects as big as cars. File sharing has had a huge impact in the movie and the music industry, thanks to the illegally download and reproduced copies of digital content. With the advent of peer to peer sharing, fabrications, and related blueprints are being shared without any DRM. Some predict this would have any impact on Economy like Japan and Germany, which make their GDP by exporting cars. And this is only a possibility. Widespread 3D printing could have enormous and unpredictable consequences for the global economy especially, terrorism. It is a sad fact, what could have been thought to be a constructive solution, is today used to make weapons by amatuers.


The recent years content curation has rapidly emerged as an innovative new marketing tool. An incredible quantity of content has been added in the Internet everyday. Content curation office value by sifting through tons of data, making meaninful analysis and guiding people towards those things they are interested in. Content curation is already an important marketing strategy for diverse ranges of business. This seems likely to increase in the coming years, as especially the Internet provides access to almost the entire creative output of all human history. Organising content may well be more lucrative then adding new content as a world adjusts to the information age.

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