Quant Mechanics's Uncertainty Principle - Increasing the accuracy of one observable qty increases the uncertainty w/ which other qty may be known. Using everything measurable, quantifying in the process we cannot interpret the outcomes of an event. There is cause and effect. Yes, the existence of a supreme, immortal God is a probability. Thank you CERN experiment, you've proved yourselves worthy in Angel's & Demons! Not long ago, we studied just 3 sub atomic particles. Now we know there is more. The important thing is not really what God is like, but we know he exists. Access to the arts is intrinsic to a high quality of life. Religions provide manufactured answers. No wonder they come up with absurd and foolish ideas. People fear & hate what they don't understand. Most religions state God created us to worship him! And, no wonder if people are stupid to accept the lies passed on to them by generations. Some are born into a religion, some choose a religion to follow. From there it adds on to what a person "is". Corp. structure equates religions! Even if religions are often an opiate of masses, many religions are outdated, outmoded & atrocious, there are still some good ideas & values IMHO, religion is all about accepting a lie, living w/ the lie, and making a generation more dumber w/ more lies. God or no God, who cares! The concept of one religion is equally wrong as the concept of many. However if to claim we need no religion, we are yet another religion. We can't wipe off what a very large group of people's believed, in many cases what they & their generations believed in they're whole lives. The problem w/ religion is simple. No one cares to question why? And, one lone nut herds a million sheeps. Not surprising, but this sucks!

God1 - See there! See here! God1 gobbles Man1. God2 looks God1 "The one thing we don't have in common is those Nails" He spits the Nails

The religious practices/creeds followed over decades are simply the poison fed to mankind by trumped up egomaniacs. Does God accept bribes? INDIA is one country which always fascinates people worldwide. Divided by caste, religion, creeds, language, people manage to live in peace! Philosophers have been divided on the argument of visiting shrines in distant lands in search of God. "Every journey is an experience.” Wars will end if only man understands where to search God. The blood in each of us are red. We breathe the same air. We eat the same salts. Is it worthy to practice something, someone had someday few millenniums ago told to inscribe in the books, which now referred as holy works? As religions have evolved, people lesser realize they are the part of the ugly system which fuels the commercialisation of its practices. Did you know religions are the oldest form of slavery? And, the works of Marx, Nietzhche, Plato, Lenin & Darwin all failed to bury the idea. Does God work on a commision basis? Many religions, most directly or indirectly claim his worship the only solution to one's all problems! What is our relationship w/ God? We constantly question God's authority, existence & character whenever in hardships. Who's the opportunist? Men are reflections of God. We have to see "the God” in each other. How else can we believe the unknown, unseen, & unheard simply exists? No one can describe God's character precisely. No doubt the one who created this vast universe is quite powerful, artistic, real & immortal. The fundamental reasons why religion has become overtly difficult to be discussed publicly today are claims — My version of God is supreme! The West always sticked to the concept of one God. The East had lots. Never had the count right — 33 or 33000, or 33 crores? God only knows! With centuries of inherited knowledge, Man's intelligence has grown to question beyond the existence, & shape God as a character. Amazing! Most religions exemplify character using nature's beauty and serenity. But everything has a cause & effect. That brings to the point, why Quantum Mechanics is totally required to understand God. Not everything white is good. God's character? Many religions try emphasising God in a very powerful positive overtone — supreme, utopian, all-powerful, timeless et all.

"Philosophy is about the search for answers while religions provide the answers, and demand faith in them"

History has shown, the concept of religion practices, has always been solely founded on the ideologies & raw beliefs of just one man. Can religions, divided by their own set of principles, replace societies without a system of values to live by? In time, what religions have educated people is the most diluted version of philosophers quest on God's existence. A Descartes's problem. When kids are introduced to the idea of God, the concept of religion is simply inherited from parents. All practices cloud God's existence. Kids are capable of great reasoning, always in a constant search to get the bottom of something.. Till they get a satisfactory answer! Kids are philosophers by nature. Anyone who has a little experience w/ them, be prepared to answer their unending string of curious Qs!

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