The world today has increased in both the real world and the virtual world. There is economy in the real world, and there is also a cyber economy circulating. Both business worlds demand time and effort from their makers. However, website creators put up their sites for sale for various reasons. The creators of websites in the cyber world can no longer afford to give the necessary time and effort to take care of their websites. They can no longer give their sites the appropriate care to make them flourish and keep the business running. This may due to other business expansion, retirement, and other reasons. Whatever reasons they have, when they are incapable of handling their sites, they have the chance to sell their websites. In this way, their sites will continue to live despite the different owners. New owners of these websites might be able to expand their sites more than the their original owners can. If you are looking to sell your domain, websites, trademarks, web assets online, and need a trusted partner, check this site. KEYSOME — A growing domain marketplace for startups to trade your web assets.

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