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Our post event StartupWeekend Team has grown by 24 particpants. It was 19 a few weeks earlier. That’s how sales conversion funnels works in reality. It takes a lot of effort to create something new regularly for each of your customers, and sell them.

I am trying to summarize on startup happenings, primarily around venture funding to all folks who might be interested, and would really appreciate your time to scoop the lists. First order of business — Why? To educate, perhaps. Much to my understanding, a lot of entrepreneurs love to connect with an Angel/VC at some point after starting up. Chances are even, if you have the right product, you might never know whom to connect with regards to funding. And, many startup’ers seek the wrong kind of investment. A startup getting funded is not a buyout, which is a common misnomer. And, lots more reason to justify the purpose.

That said, I am no expert on startups, and merely a curator of happenings. We have room for more writers/bloggers. This weekly mailer is a tracker on latest startup funding deals happening in the industry. I can’t preach what I don’t practice, right? So, here’s the link to the latest newsletter. Eagerly looking forward your opinions.

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Blog: Do You Own Your Data? — Week5 — Read here Startup funding happenings since Apr1, 2018.

  • Mumbai based Online Fitness Discovey Platform — Fitternity, raised INR 12.97 crores from Exfinity Venture, Saha fund Partners, Arihant Patni of Patni Family Office, Anjali Bansal, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas, Satish Khanna and Taparia family office.
  • Coimbatore based Synctag is a Social Media Anlaytics Platform. It has raised 2 crores INR from Subhkam Ventures and Mohit Khadaria. Synctag is a content aggregation service that provides aggregation across multiple types of content from various types of providers in one place.
  • Gurugram based Benepik which is an Enhanced Employee Engagement Platform, raised Seed / Angel Funding from Vishal Bali, Yogesh Misra, Thomas Assessments and others. [Contd………. ]

Recently a show called TheVault surfaced on the TV. The start-ups that received funding include Graviky, ChattarPatar , Medmonk, Boxershorts, Awesummly, Atulyakala, Foodebaba, Ambee, Corseco, Dharamvir, Fluid AI, OyeHelp, Save mom, Medimojo, Infeedo, and Brelo.

… ChattarPatar — panipuri franchise, Chaat house and gapagap franchise.Graviky — Capturing air pollution and recycling to Inks. Medmonk — Improve Access to Medications … Boxer Shorts: Boxers for Men | True Boxers — I wonder though why “complexity” is good in underwear? .. Awesummly — Instant Short News App. . Atulyakala India — Empowering Deaf through Artists. deaf-run lifestyle brand… Foodebaba — Online Sweet Shop — Online Indian Sweets Shop portal — Food ordering and delivery not = Foodtech. But yes, if you do orders, making and delivery well, you own customer.

.. Ambee — Ambulance technology. Uber-backed ambulance-hailing app..Corseco — AI + video content analysis … Dharamvir — Organic farmer and social entrepreneur ‘Dharamvir Kamboj’ .. FuildAI — hidden relations, co relations, causations which hide deep within Big Data. … Oyehelp connects patients to doctors in real time through phone, video and chat over the mobile.…Save mom — a maternity healthcare start-up … Maternal mortality.. MedimojoInteractive Personal Health Record brings peace of mind to all your patients. — 75 lakhs… inFeedo — SaaS-based HR Analytics startup inFeedo — HR analytics .Brelo — door lock, combined with technology

… There were 6 start-ups, including Revol Wallet, Fuco, Rooter, StyleDotMe, FABbox, and WYO reject the funding offer made by the investors. These included Authentic Cook, Khabri, Ubunanny, Collobe, and Nippanai (TN startup) A lot of startup ideas were based on IOT, Fintech, SaaS, Food tech, and Travel industry. [Contd…. ]

…. Here’s a quick question: How do you get updated on startup happenings? How do you stay informed on new venture ideas? Do hit reply!

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