… The value of learning is you don’t have to make the same mistakes people have been making throughout history. Instead of trying everything out you can use what others have learnt to generate a better start for your ventures.

Not everything can be learnt from school. And this is where Mentors come in. Take care at their experience and knowledge and help you become the best you can be. The problem you face is finding them.

Social networks

Social networks are incredibly flexible tools. Small businesses benefit from them through multitude of ways from marketing to actual all sales. You can find great mentors, and explore social networks for go to professionals. Don’t leave with the mentorship request. Get to know them first. Give them something valuable to start things off.

Industry events

If you need a Mentor who have an expertise in specific industry, goto industrial related events. Choose events that are likely to attract experts, and not just people who do high level macro talks. Be to the point. Don’t forget to research any and all the speakers you see, and if you might be able to work with them as a mentee.

Mentor networks

Not surprisingly, depending on how much time is spent online, there are Internet is dedicated to matching professionals with mentors. Most of the mall free resources, and if you are paid services, where you can chat with potential mentors. As an added bonus you are guaranteed to meet people who are guiding others.

Networking events

To find good mentors you have to go where people are. This lets you meet people in person which makes it easier to gauge whether the mentor is a good match for you. It is also easy if you start a conversation at a networking event as everyone is already ready to talk. This makes the entire process smoother. At the first, you will meet new people who can either help you in a small business, or point you towards others who would be teachers.

Gyms. Yes, Gyms.

Physical health stress is a common thing among business people. Running a business largest small or large, is inherently stressful. The better you are physical state, the more you are resistant to the grind. It is not uncommon to find a good number of corporate folks at the gym or yoga. Striking up a conversation with the motor the session, and you may be surprised who you find.

Volunteering opportunities and events

What are the biggest hurdles is finding a Mentor with shared goals. If you are kind person who wants to give back to the community, then you may want to seek your mentor when you are actually giving back. Volunteer events will not only match with the shared ideals, it shows potential Mentors what kind of person you are. And, so it works both ways.

There is a possibility that you might not need a mentor. That is ok. It is because some people perform best under someone’s eye. For the sake of your small business startup, you should place mentors with something like advisors for weak spots in your skillset or classes, so you can learn things by yourselves. Remember you don’t have to know everything, you just need to know the right things.

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