You can classify IT/ITES cor-prates in 3 ways:

Companies that hire 1,000 graduates every year, pay them approx $5,000 USD, which never offers professional training, but is willing to accept an attrition rate more than 50%. It is so obvious, in the first year, this is a cushion for all MBA aspirants, and all those who are able to find a higher paid job will leave eventually. It is quite pretty obvious to call them chop-shops. However hard, I attempt to exclude startups & chop-shops, as most of them don’t take up class-room training or ILTs, it has become a necessity to put a word on them for sake of history.

Companies that outspend others: Top cos which is willing to pay $30K USD gets first picks of the brightest in the country from institutions like IIT/IIMs. Companies known for their outstanding commitment to professional training and development that offer their talent a longer-term perspective. These companies provide highly reputable training helps fulfill the growing need for skilled manpower. So, where do you want to head?

I wish I could tell you, but every product road-maps change every 6 months. And, we rarely know what the client wants. Say for example, consider how the Adobe ecosystem works. It has approx 400 products now, of which many are rarely used. It is the choice of the end user what he needs. Now, the question is not about the company, its products, the latest ones. Update yourselves with what you know the best. Constantly explore.

Do Your Research

I work with many large multinational clients who have enough money to experiment with new-dimension products. And, there are clients those who don’t. But, that does not matter. Draw your anchor, and make your career sail. You won’t believe what I would say, but that’s the truth. There are very large corporate firms which use legacy decades old software, that are older than ANSI-C. What are the odds? I am quite happy that I am a domain expert. My domain is quite specific and very important one. I am interested to read all new related topics and keep myself updated. How you manage your time is also an important art. Work apart, constantly experiment. Read blogs. Take domain specific courses. Up-skill your way.

Add purpose

Is your career too focused on one aspect? Money, progression, fame? Forget it all. Make a real difference in people’s lives. Living for yourselves makes you more selfish. Share what you know. Talk to people about what you can add to their lives. What most of us lack — local relationships. Make time to write, blog, v-log, and share what you think. Leave a piece of you for the world. Don’t distract yourselves from the bigger opportunity.

Relevancy will decide the game. Thanks for reading!