There are several challenges that the supply chain has had to deal with. One of the challenges refers to collaboration. The collaboration issue has stemmed from a variety of reasons. In recent years, there have been suppliers who are working with other areas to increase productivity and expand the demand for the products. The suppliers are outsourcing to other countries and multi-sourcing with other companies. This is due to the changing world that we live in and the advanced technology that is used. The networking of suppliers and how they do business is more convenient than it was years ago. The use of technology had helped to increase the outsourcing that is being done and the multiple suppliers are able to communicate more effectively.


The collaboration challenge is reflected upon different areas that are a much larger scope. The area that is becoming challenging in making an accurate decision in collaboration is the management sector of supplies. The quality and delivery management have been changed into a wide range of departments that complicate the collaboration of supplies. The collaboration objective has become a hot topic in supply chain management because of the complications that have occurred.

Integrated approach challenges

The suppliers that want to find new merchandise to market have little time to do so. This is a challenge that has suppliers concerned with the collaborative process. The collaboration of suppliers and supply chains can reduce the use of wasted time and paperwork. It also cuts down on the transaction payment and cost. The changes of supply demands are evolving. It would allow for response to this challenge and the continuous demand of changing supplies.

The collaboration challenges are affected by the other country suppliers and their regulations. It would excel the cost of accurate data input and a system to keep that information safely secure. The network collaboration would be an increasing cost. The collaboration is impacted by a variety of challenges like these that are preventing from a positive solution that will benefit everyone involved.

As companies grow and expand finding ways to make sure everything is coordinated and runs smoother becomes more and more difficult. There are so many different integral parts to make a company run smoothly. Essentially, supply chain management is how things get from A to B. This includes keeping track of the the inventory, making sure it is stored correctly and most certainly that it gets to the consumer. Since so many of the major companies are multinational and rely on complex networks keeping this flow continual as technology evolves can become more challenging even as technology strives to better itself daily. Recalls are one thing that any company dreads. SCM can ensure that these have less of a chance of happening so long as the systems are well in place. Supply chain managers have to consistently stave off headaches. They have to continually worry that their customers think they are top notch. Cost is another huge factor. Fuel fluctuates almost daily and they are responsible for making sure that these costs don’t skyrocket product prices. In every company there is a tremendous amount of risk; implementing correct SCM practices can help to alleviate the vast majority of these. Companies are also only as good as their weakest link. If a Supply Chain manager is not well skilled in how to make things run smoothly they can do more damage and have little to no success. The internal ability is only part of the battle. Because there are also suppliers involved everyone has to strive to make sure they are on the same page. Despite the great amount of pressure to implement good practices; its not as difficult as it might look. As long as everyone stays on top of inventory, makes sure the quality of the product is consistent, and that they are on the same pages as the suppliers they can avoid many of the conflicts and pitfalls that can be a part of Supply Chain Management.

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