We initially started penning down of you notes on the new cloud based startups within the SaaS sector that offer on time and analytics services. But, we will come to that later. Within a span of 5 years it is astounding to note has grown leaps and bounds, undefined innovation happening in the startup space. According to the data published by a leading expert in cloud technology and info-sec related news, the market cloud computing and hosting is expected to grow not around 128.3 billion dollars by 2019.

Based upon this statistics, but not to ignore the explosive growth in the sector, we could probably up the # in a short order. As several nations around the globe come online via mobile Internet connectivity, the opportunities for cloud based services continues to rise. From smartphone consumers in Africa, to the software developers in India, the tourists in Australia, to the tourists in Europe, financial experts in the Wall Street, the need for cloud enable solutions has never been stronger.

Entrepreneurs realizing the potential of cloud, have been waiting to bring new services to the market. For any business sector the opportunity to district existing market leaders using cloud technology is huge. Yes, HUGE! From real estate and e-commerce to stock markets and health technology there isn’t a market sector immune to the advancement in the cloud in cloud computing space. Tech savvy go-getters are creating great cloud based startups at an astronomical rate. These startups with sustainable business processes addressing the need businesses and enterprise.

As more and more small businesses and enterprise uses more than companies to the cloud there is an increasing need for the services to change in the cloud usage. The “domino effect” is creating opportunities for entrepreneurs, who are wise enough to see the potential of cloud on a global basis for startups. Apparently the cloud technology is can an infant see when you consider the multitude of market sectors that has been built up on. Robotics, biotechnology and aerospace, need an array of cloud computing companies, that are yet to be built in this space.

To quote from Oceans12, “We need teams, I mean teams”.


It is hard pressed find the market sector with more untapped potential. To get a peak into new companies that are being built within the cloud computing sector and we will be writing down a few words about these tantalizing cloud startups, that are offering great products for massive development in the space, in the coming posts. Keep reading, and don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter, we are penning down so meticulously from every nook and corner of the Internet.

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