The entrepreneur’s journey is not an overnight success like A-listers in popular culture, they worked hard behind closed doors while the media portrays them as an ‘overnight success’.

In the real world of entrepreneurship, there is no overnight success. The reality is that entrepreneurs encounter so many struggles and heartaches throughout their journey. Whether it is being broke, overcoming personal struggles with loss or spending twenty hours a day in their garage building a network; figuring out ways to defeat the competition. An entrepreneur will look around corners, adapt and adjust their game plan for success. Entrepreneurs are relentless and persevere. Here are some revelations that are true of most entrepreneurs.

1) We become who we hang around — Who you have in your team is crucial and successful entrepreneurs know this. As Jon Elvekrog used to say “the choice of a team is the universal first step of building a company of value.” This is very true because when you think of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac, they were two seemingly different personalities on the inside but together they were a strong and unified force that revolutionized personal computing and humanity at large. You need the right people on your team if you are to survive and flourish. As Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart used to always say that he built Wal-Mart into the mega force in discount stores it is today because of his loyal team. Your team will help you flourish in business and also establish a business culture which is vitally important.

2) Offices may inhibit productivity — Entrepreneurs do not solely work in an office, successful entrepreneurs in the modern world exist in the mobile culture where they work wherever they go and their work travels with them. When an entrepreneur can realize that you can work anywhere and feel comfortable doing working on the go, then entrepreneurial success really starts to come in at this point. The psychology behind this is very simple, entrepreneurs are meant to adapt to any situation and having your work on the go is adapting to the mobile work culture and adapting to what works. If you do what works then you will be a successful entrepreneur.

3) Balancing being impressive vs being frugal — This is a very simple concept where you have to impress people with your brand image but you also must have a relaxed environment to balance that. You need to have your clients perceive you as being successful. You can take advantage of this in a digital space using the ‘Google Effect’ which is a phenomena where people are less likely to remember details that are easily accessible online. Perception is essentially reality and when it comes to personal branding you have to be careful what type of partners and employees you are blending with. You need to find ways to make your work-space comfortable and productive.

Essentially all entrepreneurs are driven for success and they are hungry for more and more achievement. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur then all you need to do is copy successful entrepreneurs behaviors.

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