Efficiency is not enough to make your snail business thrive and survive. Expertise can be countered by great advisers working against you. The only real offense most small business can mount is in the form of creativity. Creative products, innovations or marketing campaigns can all surprise bigger companies and force them to stumble, giving your company a shot at securing a place in the market.

Here are a few ways you can light the creative spark in you

Take Down Notes

Throughout the day, you’ll have random thoughts and Ideas drifting in and out of your mind. Some will be amazing. most of them won’t amount to anything. and you’ll likely forget all of them — which is a problem solved by taking notes. Taking notes lets you put them on the back burner while you get the rest of your day done. Once you’ve got nothing else on your plate, you can look for gold in your idea list.

The reason this is important is that creativity can strike anywhere, but it tends to not linger. Listing things down keeps you from forgetting most of your ideas and makes the most out of your creativity. Unutilized creativity isworth nothing.

Consider Your Dreams

While dreams are for the most part random, it doesn’t mean you can’t mine them for some creativity. It’s when your mind is most free to wander. Write down any and all of your dreams in a journal and try to interpret them. Not only can they give rise to fresh new ideas, they can help you figure out some things about yourself.

This method is not without history. Many creative works like the Terminator were born from dreams. Products like the sewing machine also came from dreams. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Laugh It Up

You’re not wrong if you think that funny people tend to be more creative. in fact, some studies have shown that watching or listening to something funny can jump start your mental faculties Some theorize that it’s due to how laughter can leave you relaxed and open to new ideas. This relaxation also helps you be more creative.

Before you sit down and brainstorm a new idea, put on your favorite comedy show or stand-up comedian and just enjoy yourself. You could even just talk to friends and laugh it up that way. Think of it as a fun way to prime your mind for creative work

Study More

Innovating your small business’s product can’t be done in a vacuum. You have to know things, such as customer feedback and industry standards, in order to innovate. Information gives you direction because you have a starting point for your thoughts

Creativity flows similarly

Being creative is possible in a vacuum, but if you’re looking for a more consistent or directed approach, read up and study your industry. The more you know, the more data your mind has to shape into new ideas and thoughts.

Most small business owners are highly focused and efficient people. They dedicate their attention to the task at hand, pushing out all other thoughts and Ideas While great for productivity, it can keep you from getting too creative.

So when you want to be creative, you may want to consider just sitting down and doing nothing. If you can take a vacation, go for it. If not, you can always just sit down and do nothing. Make sure nothing can disturb you by putting away your phone and settling all immediate concerns just let your mind wander and write down what you find.

Creativity is not something that just happens. It’s something you have to work towards. For the same of your startup or small business and achieve as soon as possible.