How many brands adverts are you exposed per day? 5000, yes!

In almost everything that involves the usage of technology, you will always find myths that surround it. Although some of the myths have a bit of truth in them, it is always advisable not to follow these myths as they get you confused. Some of the myths may be from a customer who drew their conclusion from a given technology and with time other people start believing this conclusion even without researching as well. Well, let’s look at the common myths about real-time bidding that are in existence.

Real-time bidding market consists of low-quality inventory.

There have been some bidding which are not quite clear as they do not have the right procedures. Whereby when you click so you can view the listed bids, you end up not finding any information displayed. This has caused many people believe that all the real-time bidding markets are of low-quality inventory. The truth of the matter is not all the markets are as such since some of the largest publishers in the world have their stocks sold through real-time bidding and have been able to sell a lot. The best inventories in the real-time inventory can be found on the same websites with which can help you differentiate between the low quality and the high-quality bidding.

You don’t know where your ads are.

It is crucial for you to know where your ads are running as it offers high transparency and trust in return. Therefore, ensure that you know where your inventories are from as there are some sources which are fake and not clear. Another thing you should look at is the platforms that report your ads. The common one is the digital signal processor which is known to show the sources of the vendor. Therefore if these two principles are not seen the vendor should be questioned but not the entire real-time bidding platform.

Real-time bidding only works with the cookie.

This is another myth that has been associated with real-time bidding, but it is not true. This may have been believed because the focus of real-time bidding is to ensure that the ads posted impress the advertisers and are also evaluated by them whereby in return the advertisers buy audiences using cookie data. This action has led to some people believing that real-time bidding is designed to be used with cookie data, but the truth is you can as well use other tactics that don’t depend on cookie data to impress the audiences.

Real-time bidding requires a huge budget to start.

Some people believe that you have to have a lot of cash so you can register with the real-time bidding. But the truth is with time and technological evolution, there have been different designs of the bidding ranging from small sizes to the large ones. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money for you to have a real-time bidding.

Real-time bidding is the future online display advertising.

Although real-time bidding is a high programmed technology, it does not fit all criteria such as customizing or even guaranteed delivery. Such applications require other online platforms so real-time bidding cannot handle everything about online advertising.

ADskore is a programmatic advertising platform, which once heavily relied on managing direct marketing strategies. This platform works with mobile publishers and ad-exchanges in an ecosystem that demands processing of bids in a span of few milliseconds.

ADskore platform now gives marketers the opportunity to tap into new advertising channels as well as potential new sales, and enables campaigns reach very specific target groups with highest level of accuracy.